The Entrepreneur’s Package

We understand the struggle of growing a business – we have done it ourselves.  This is why we have developed the Entrepreneur’s Package.  It is the package we wish we had been offered all those years ago.


To provide new and expanding businesses with an affordable financial management solution that will provide essential information and control when it is most needed.

Key Features

  • Accounting and Payroll systems available 24/7.
  • Purchase Order, Credit Card, Expenses Management and Petty Cash controls.
  • Sales Invoicing, Credit Control and Supplier Management.
  • Weekly Flash Reports, Cash Flow Projections, Monthly Management Accounts, Executive and Investor Summaries.
  • On-site attendance as required.


This package provides the entrepreneur with a tailor made financial management solution at an affordable cost.  To the investor it offers timely and reliable progress information whilst ensuring strong controls.  We will take care of the entire accounting process, leaving the entrepreneur free to focus on business development.


  • No set-up fee
  • 3 months free
  • 9 months at 50% of standard charges